How to create your own website

I thought I’d just put up a quick page to list the tools I use to create, maintain and optimise my websites.

I currently use Heart Internet and Go Daddy for domain names and HostMedia to host my websites.

Heart Internet, start at £2.49* per month for web hosting and £6.99* per year for a domain name.

HostMedia has hosting for £1* for 100Mb space for life and £7.19* a year for a domain name.

This means you can get your own domain and website very cheaply.

The main tool I use is to create websites is WordPress. It’s very easy to get started and have a good looking site up and running quickly.

There are several WordPress plugins that I would recommend you check out:




I also link my site to Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

These are good tools for monitoring your website’s traffic, hits, and search engine optimisation.

*Prices correct as of 22nd Feb 2017