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    Powershell Script to Copy Files from a Microsoft 365 Sharepoint location to a local drive

    I need to move a large folder of images from Sharepoint Online to a local server for a customer as the online location is not working for their business needs. I tried to use the SharePoint download feature but the zip file reports that it is invalid. I decided to look into PowerShell and see if that could be used to export the files and folders. Here is the code I ended up with. Feel free to copy and paste the following into Powershell, update the variables and save it. This script is provided as an example and I am not responsible for any problems you may get or any…

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    Draytek Vigor File System Invalid accessing the web interface

    I have recently come across an issue I’ve not seen before. A Draytek 2862 router was rebooting itself every couple of hours. When I tried to get the web interface I got an error:File System Invalid. The file system of the Web-based UI is inconsistent with router’s firmware. Please check the firmware version. After a bit of trial and error I have found a solution.

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    Build Better Websites & Funnels with GrooveFunnels

    In this day and age, any business that wants to thrive must go online. With so many things going on around the world, and global changes that will impact the way people live and do business forever, going online is no longer just an option. Businesses need to go online, not only to maintain their success, but to survive. There are many tools that are already available that any business can use to run their entire company and processes digitally. However, any minimum amount of research will tell you that most of these products are expensive, complicated and limited in customization. In other words, not very user-friendly, and definitely not…

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    Powershell script for moving files

    I needed to move a large number of files from one directory into an archive every month and only files over one month old. Although this, in itself, is not a hard task, I wanted to automate it in a script and thought it was time to learn a bit of Powershell. Let me take through the steps I took to build the final 1 line script. Lets get started The first part of the command is to get a list of files in the folder. I found the command I needed was Get-Childitem. Get-Childitem -Path "C:\CurrentPath\" -Recurse This scans the folder in C:\CurrentPath and gets a list of files.…

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    IPv6 – What do I need to know

    IPv6 has been around a lot longer than you may think. IPv6 became a Draft Standard for the IETF in December 1998, who subsequently ratified it as an Internet Standard on 14 July 2017. We’re reaching the point we need to move over to IPv6 so I decided to look into how it works in more detail. It appears a lot more simple than I was expecting. I first checked my home network to see if I was able to use IPv6, and found out it was already enabled. To check if you are using IPv6, simply run ipconfig from a command line.

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    DistributedCom (DCOM) error event ID 10016

    Several of the Windows 2016 servers I look after have been showing a DCOM error which appears as event ID 10016. The error reads “The application-specific permission settings do not grant Local Activation permission for the COM Server application with CLSID {3480A401-BDE9-4407-8C02-798A866AC051} and APPID {30AD8C8E-AE85-42FA-B9E8-7E99E3DFBFC5} to the user xxx SID (S-1-5-21-391 5011649-XXX-2122644135-1731) from address LocalHost (Using LRPC) running in the container Unavailable SID (Unavailable). This security permission can be modified using the Component Services administrative tool.”