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    How to Backup and Restore Windows 10 Sticky Notes

    Microsoft have changed how they store Sticky Notes in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update version 1607 (and later), so I thought I do a quick post on how to backup and restore your Sticky Notes. I will cover the older method and the new method, and how to transfer from old to new. Sticky Notes How to backup Sticky Notes pre Windows 10 Anniversary Update This method also covers Windows 7, 8, and 8.1.

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    ShadowProtect ImageManager HeadStart Restore with HyperV

    If you are using StorageCraft ShadowProtect and ImageManager, here are the steps to recover a server to a Hyper-V environment. Background: ShadowProtect runs on each server you want to back up, and Image Manager manages the backup storage location. Image Manager can also run “HeadStart Restore” jobs. This basically keeps a VMWare (vmdk) or HyperV (vhd(x)) hard drive copy of your backup and restores each incremental backup to this hard drive, keeping it up to date (or as up to date as your policy defines, it may be 1 hour, 1 day or longer behind the server it is backing up).

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    How to install and run Malwarebytes

    How to install and run Malwarebytes Need to run a though Anti Virus scan on your PC (or Mac) ? I would suggest the excellent Malwarebytes to compliment your Antivirus product. To download, install and run Malwarebytes just follow these simple instructions : First head over to the Malwarebytes home page and get the free download. You should see the following on the homepage :  

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    How to set up a website

    Here I’m going to step through how to set up a website. I’ll break this down into 3 simple steps. We’ll look at : Get a Domain Name (website name) Get Website hosting (somewhere to put your website) Getting some content on the website.

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    Solved – Dell PowerEdge R430 and installing Windows 2016 from USB

    Today I got a delivery of a new Dell PowerEdge R430 and needed to install Windows 2016 Standard on it. I downloaded the ISO from Microsoft and created a bootable USB pen using the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool, but Dell’s LifeCycle controller refused to recognise the USB drive. Dell, if you’re listening, please let us install from USB through the Lifecycle Controller ! The ISO was 5.47 Gb so would not burn to a standard DVD and I needed to deliver this server to my client the following day.

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    Web Site Tools

    I thought I’d just put up a quick page to list the tools I use to create, maintain and optimise my websites. Hosting and Domain Names I currently use Heart Internet and Go Daddy for domain names and HostMedia to host my websites. Heart Internet, start at £2.49* per month for web hosting and £6.99* per year for a co.uk domain name. HostMedia has hosting for £1* for 100Mb space for life and £7.19* a year for a .co.uk domain name. This means you can get your own domain and website very cheaply. Website and Plugins The main tool I use is to create websites is WordPress. It’s very easy to get started and have a good looking…

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    Draytek Router Firmware Damage – the router will die after reboot

    Draytek Router Firmware Damage If you have a DrayTek with Firmware Damage and a warning “the router will die after reboot” read on to learn how to resolve it. I have been flashing some DrayTek routers after I received an advisory from DrayTek about new critical firmware updates. The first few went as expected with minimal downtime until one, a DrayTek 2830, disconnected midway through the upload of the firmware. The web page of the router came back with an error “session disconnect”.