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Find the HP product number for Care Pack registration

As part of my job I have occasionally have to register HP care packs for servers and workstations and need the HP product number for this.

I always find it frustrating trying to find the HP product number when doing this remotely.

Luckily I have found a powershell script that will get this for you

If you run the following command from Windows PowerShell you will find the HP Product number.

gwmi win32_ComputerSystem | select OEMStringArray

While you’re in powershell you can also get the serial number:

gwmi win32_bios | select SerialNumber

This will also retrieve a Dell service tag if you have any Dell PC’s or servers on your network.

If you want a quick summary try running:

gwmi win32_bios

GWMI summary
GWMI summary

To see the full list of what can be found using these commands try:

gwmi Win32_ComputerSystem | select *

gwmi Win32_bios | select *

Now you have your HP product number you can register your Care Pack here for consumer products or here for Business users

If you found this useful please let me know in the comments section below, Thanks !

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