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I thought I’d just put up a quick page to list the tools I use to create, maintain and optimise my websites.

Hosting and Domain Names

I currently use Heart Internet and Go Daddy for domain names and HostMedia to host my websites.

Heart Internet, start at £2.49* per month for web hosting and £6.99* per year for a domain name.

HostMedia has hosting for £1* for 100Mb space for life and £7.19* a year for a domain name.

This means you can get your own domain and website very cheaply.

Website and Plugins

The main tool I use is to create websites is WordPress. It’s very easy to get started and have a good looking site up and running quickly.

You just need to download the WordPress install file and upload it to your web hosting site and then walk through the wizard. It’s a famous 5-minute setup.

There are several WordPress plugins that I would recommend you check out:

Jetpack – for marketing and additional themes & more

Shareaholic – easily let your visitors share your website/blog

Askimet –  Anti Spam for your comments.

I also link my site to Google Analytics.

These are good tools for monitoring your website’s traffic, hits, and search engine optimisation.

For details on how to set up a website see my how to set up a website page

*Prices correct as of 22nd Feb 2017

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