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Draytek 2820 maximum number of permitted Internet Sessions

I’ve been having some issues with a Draytek 2820 at home lately. I’d made some changes to my network and swapped out a none WiFi Draytek 2820 with the WiFi version. Whilst configuring the new router I took the opportunity to upgrade the Firmware to the latest version ( , Release Jan 2016).

A few days later I started getting an error message browsing the internet:

“You have reached the maximum number of permitted Internet sessions. Please close one or more applications to allow further Internet access. Contact your system administrator for further information.”

I rebooted the router, which solved the problem, and didn’t think much of it. This happened again a few days later, so I checked the Session Limit, under Bandwidth management, and this was disabled. I did note that the message I saw in the browser was the same message that would be displayed if the Session Limit was enabled.
I tried enabling session manager and then disabling, just in case the GUI was not reporting it correctly, but still the same problem.

I added a false limitation range which was not in use on the network, and I thought that had fixed, but again a few days later the dreaded “You have reached the maximum number of permitted Internet sessions” message appeared.

Anyway I have since found it’s a firmware issue and Draytek advise downgrading to until it is rectified.

The release notes for include :

[Known Issues]
1. If the firewall is enabled, clients may see a session limit message after some time. It is recommended to downgrade to until this is resolved by a later firmware version.

Here’s a link the Draytek firmware download page.

As an aside other models have also seen this issue, so please check the release notes for the specific model, to see if you should upgrade or downgrade your firmware. These models include Vigor 2830, Vigor 2860, and Vigor 130 and possibly others.

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