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Exchange 2013 – Deliver message to both forwarding address and mailbox is missing

I was asked why, when someone sets up an email forward in Exchange 2013 from one user to another in the Exchange Management Console, the original user does not get a copy.  Also, there is no option to “Deliver message to both forwarding address and mailbox”.

Exchange Delivery options dialog
Exchange 2013 Delivery forwarding options

After a quick google, I found a suggestion to use the Set-Mailbox -Identity command in the Exchange Management Shell:

Set-Mailbox -Identity “mailbox” -DeliverToMailboxandForward $true -ForwardingSMTPAddress ““.

Apparently the “Deliver message to both forwarding address and mailbox ” is not available in the Exchange Management Console for Exchange 2013 and you have to use the Exchange Management Shell.

I tried this but got a strange message saying nothing had changed.

“WARNING: The command completed successfully but no setting of “mailbox” has been modified.”

After further investigation, I found for internal users I should be using -ForwardingAddress not -ForwardingSMTPaddress in Exchange 2013.

So the command you need to forward an email to an internal address is :

Set-Mailbox -Identity “mailbox” -DeliverToMailboxandForward $true -ForwardingAddress “

If this helps please let me let me know and if there’s a better way then definitely let me know!



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