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    Windows 2012 Backup error 0x8004231F

    I recently had a server that had Windows Backup failing with the error (0x8004231F) “There is not enough disk space to create the volume shadow copy on the storage location” All the hard drives appeared to have plenty of space and the backup drives were new and also had plenty of space. I deceided to try and run the backup from the command line and while this also errored it gave a bit more detail Error code 0x8004231f

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    PCI Compliance failure due to Clickjacking threat

    Recently I’ve come across a new PCI compliance failure “Web Application Potentially Vulnerable to Clickjacking”. What is Clickjacking ? Clickjacking uses IFrames to basically put a tranparent layer over a website and therefore can hijack the clicks and keystrokes the user enters.  This is also known as a “UI redress attack” as it is changing the Users Interface. This means users can be fooled into giving up usernames and passwords when they think they are logging into legitimate web sites, not realising there is a layer intercepting these details between them and the legitimate site.

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    Security Metrics PCI Compliance Site Failed

    One of the companys I work with take Credit Card payments and therefore want to be PCI compliant, and use security metrics to scan the network for compliance. Lately they’ve been failing their online scan for a few reasons. Windows 2003 has been detected and that is now unsupported. TLS version 1.0 is still enabled SSL RC4 is still enabled. Security Metrics PCI Compliance Site Certification Failed…

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    Windows 2008 server Hyper-V host and corrupted windows install

    I had a bit of a worrying time last week when a colleague upgraded an old (but live) Dell PowerEdge R310 server running Hyper-V with some new RAM. He powered down the old server, upgraded the RAM and booted the server back up. A few minutes later he was looking at the screen loading windows, when it failed. He put the DVD and tried to repair windows but when he got to the  System recovery window it didn’t show any installations of Windows. He then looked to restore from backup to another server to get the Hyper-V clients running while we fix this server. Yes, you know what’ coming here, the latest backup we had…

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    Draytek 2820 maximum number of permitted Internet Sessions

    I’ve been having some issues with a Draytek 2820 at home lately. I’d made some changes to my network and swapped out a none WiFi Draytek 2820 with the WiFi version. Whilst configuring the new router I took the opportunity to upgrade the Firmware to the latest version ( , Release Jan 2016). A few days later I started getting an error message browsing the internet: “You have reached the maximum number of permitted Internet sessions. Please close one or more applications to allow further Internet access. Contact your system administrator for further information.” I rebooted the router, which solved the problem, and didn’t think much of it. This happened again…

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    Windows 10 start menu critical error

    I had a customer today who had upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7. All was going well until he rebooted and the Windows 10 start menu gave an error: “Critical Error – Your Start menu isn’t working.  We’ll try to fix it the next time you sign in.” Of course this was never fixed the next time they signed in, it was just kept reappearing.

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    Outlook missing emails after being moved to a folder

    OK, well todays problem I’ve not come across before is strange. A user reports that they have moved some emails into a subfolder in outlook and they’ve disappeared. I check the folder and it’s empty. Hmm. I send a test email to the account, move it to the folder and all is good. I move the email back to the inbox and ask the user to move it. It disappears. I then search the whole mailbox and it appears in the search results. When hovering over it I see the folder name is different to the folder name in outlook.I found the folder buried under several sub folders which contained…

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    Windows SBS 2008 server out of disk space

    I’ve been seeing a lot of Windows 2008 SBS servers running out of disk space lately on the C drive. This causes Exchange to stop working due to the “back pressure” feature, which has been the first clue to the problem. After a bit of searching I found several area’s where log files can grow. The 4 main area’s I found are : Active Directory Certificate Services IIS Log Files SBS Data Collector log (DataserviceComponents.log) Sharepoint SQL logs I found a great script at SBSfaqs (http://www.sbsfaq.com/?p=1598) and updated the script to include all 4 points above and be able to select which options to run. You will need to save the…